The end of the series!

A short story about love & all its different, vengeful, misunderstood, misinterpreted & selfish ways!

Chapter 6/6 🙂



Said no

(Why on earth did I say no?)

Told her to stay put

Instead I’ll go

Put my cape on


Decided to save a ho

(After all she was mine)

I felt the need to be your hero

Despite every time

You treated me like a zero

Maybe underneath all anger I still cared

Maybe this was the quickest way to get you out of my hair



Truth is

I haven’t felt like a man in a while


I wanted to set an example

For my unborn child

(I needed some way to clear my conscious)

The constant regret was making me nauseous

You gave me a hug


A kiss from Judas

That should’ve been a sign

Why I shouldn’t do this

The end was close

Our story was concluding


I left

Headed straight to your house

Neighbourhood was quiet

Neither a peep nor a sound

Called the cops

They’d be here in 10

20 minutes passed

Still nothing from them

Tried to call back on the emergency line

See why they were taking their time

Seemed to be a house fire

Not too far from mine

It was one of those nights

Tried to call

You weren’t picking up

Just my luck

What the fuck

Fuck the what

Simply put

The fuck

What to do now

He was in your house

Doing who knows what

My battery was dying

Curiosity was ringin’ my line


I had to decide

Whether or not

I’d kill the feline

Wasting no time

Murder was the case

I made a beeline

Straight to your place

Right to the door


As I walked up

It dawned on me

It was awfully quiet

I mean too quiet

Neither a peep nor a sound

For someone who threatened to


Nothing was happening now

The door was slightly a jar

I walked in

 “Hello” I said

No reply

It was as quiet as the dead

The house was a mess

Drenched in a foul stench


Flooded by a sea of abandonment

I paced to and fro

Trying to make sense


I said

No reply again

There was a light

Coming from the den

The vibe was tense

Grabbed a vase of the table

For self defence

Pale faced

I proceeded to investigate

Walked up to the open space

I found him

There he was

With a paler face


Faced His face


Then dropped the vase

Rigorous Rigamortis

Was the case

Phone began to vibrate

It was an SMS

From You



“Found Him Yet”

Before I could piece together

What the fuck just transpired

Text from my neighbour comes in

“Sir your house is on….

  • -Twist’d Pieces

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